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Life is a crazy random happenstance

Illegitimi non carborundum

How not to do things! (a rant)
At the middle of last summer my company was taken over and as a result we expected a review of the structure - makes sense, no sense in having two Finance/HR/Procurement etc departments. However, these things take time and for the past 6 months we have had an interim organisational structure whilst the Powers That Be decided what  the future would look like. 

The process behind this was kept strictly confidential and therefore everyone knew that an announcement would be made today following a meeting with our Unions.

So... around 11 we have more than the usual amount of TU members mulling around from which we can surmise that the meeting is over.   We are therefore all looking at the intranet, waiting with baited breath for a bulletin to come out to inform us.  I mean, we have been waiting for months, there are rumours all over the place and we just want something to be made public!

We wait....  wait a bit more... and still nothing happens.

Until at 1pm someone says "look at Sky News".

I heard from Sky news that we are due to loose 1,000 jobs!

We finally got the company notice by 3pm. 

That is just appalling.  If we can't get to our staff before the news how the hell are we supposed to run a company? No wonder we aren't doing well!

I should probably add that my role is relatively safe, though there is a serious risk it will lead to significant boredom once the dust settles.  After all, my role is increasingly advising managers on how to deal with difficult people and their grievances. Which we might have more of going forward. You think? Really?

Rant over.

On the upside I went to a concert (choral/ chamber music) tonight - fantastic music & sound and a director who could have been Joss Whedon's younger brother!

First post ever
Am finally back online after a week of no PC access at home. Not sure I'll ever catch up on all the fics posted in the meanwhile - clearly the whole world went slightly mad after Benefits!

Anyway, I should really read and comment however will postpone for the moment for the following very valid reasons:

Banana beer - good for the soul, even if you can taste it three days later
Chocolate beer - as wrong as it sounds, yuk!
Blonde (Belgian) beer -  and I'll say no more...

Every drink after seven was finished with the words "ready to go?" "ok" "or should we have just one more?...."

Just made last tube home.

It is quite possible I won't surface until Sunday.